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Je pourrais rester ici pour toujours


Sometimes when they’re in the lab, Tony looks over to see Bruce chewing on the end of a pencil, his face illuminated by the screen in front of him, and he thinks about what he’s too scared to have.

A character study on Tony Stark

This work was inspired bysinging with skin and bone by 

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At a local theater in my area, they're having a Marvel Mondays, one of the Marvel films every monday until the release of Avengers.

And before the previews came on this past monday, there was a home-made movie with men and women dressed up like the characters in Avengers commercials...and then, towards the end of it, one of them asked "Stark", Collapse )

7th Annual San Diego ComicCon Slashers Dinner

Mods, I hope this is okay - obviously feel free to delete if not!

Where: Panda Inn at Horton Plaza
When: Friday, July 22rd – 8:00pm
Come join us for an evening of fun and friendly company for the seventh year running! In addition to the usual tasty food and great conversation, we'll be almost like our own little mini-convention, complete with personalized badges, a swap-table, and more! A great way to meet new people, see some familiar faces, and have a great time. We hope you'll join us!

My apologies for the late announcement, this has been an extra busy year. Please help spread the word!

Full Details and Registration Information Here

I need to make sure the restaurant knows how many of us are coming, so advance registration is necessary. We had around 40 folks last year, let's see if we can't do better in 2011!

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha


Since this comm is very low traffic (or perhaps 'dead' would be a better word [g]) I've decided to expand the focus to include the upcoming movies: Captain America, Thor, The Avengers. I figure they're going to end up all being interrelated at some level anyway :)
Iron Man - da Vinci

IM II Dating

So IM II is supposed to pick up six months after the end of the first movie, so that would place it around Nov/Dec, yes? Would you think the movie takes place over several months? And is there any movie canon as to when Tony's birthday actually is? Any input would be appreciated. I'm trying to lay down a timeline for my current story, and I get a wee bit obsessive over the details.